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How do e-government and innovation reduce corruption?

by Fabián López Xochipa, Director of Open Government and Institutional Strengthening of Mexico City | 10.12.2022

Anthony Rivas

E-government and innovation can greatly reduce corruption in a number of ways. One of the main ways is through the use of digital systems and processes that are transparent and secure. By using electronic systems for transactions, record-keeping, and communication, it becomes much more difficult for corrupt officials to manipulate or falsify information. This increased transparency can also make it easier for citizens to hold their government accountable for any corrupt practices.

GovTech can also have a positive impact on corruption. For example, the use of digital platforms and tools can help streamline and automate processes, making it harder for corrupt officials to take advantage of opportunities to engage in illegal activities. Additionally, GovTech can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of government services.