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Local Government

When we look twenty years out into the future from now, how will we quantify the impact that technology has had on our public agencies and the communities they serve?

by Holland Barret White, City of Pittsburg’s Former Mayor | 10.12.2022


By going back to the pain points we said were challenges in the first place and assessing the quantitative progress of then vs. now.

Anthony Rivas

One way to quantify this impact is through the use of metrics such as increased efficiency and productivity in the delivery of services, improved communication and collaboration among agencies and community members, and increased access to information and resources for the public.

Additionally, technology has the potential to transform the way in which public agencies operate and interact with their constituents. This could include the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies to enhance training and education programs, the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to improve decision-making processes, and the use of big data analytics to identify trends and patterns in data sets.

Overall, the impact of technology on our public agencies and the communities they serve will depend on the degree to which we are able to effectively leverage these tools and technologies to improve the delivery of services and drive positive outcomes for our citizens.