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Let's celebrate the 2022 GovTech GroundBreakers!

Gisela Montes | GLASS | 12.13.2022

We are excited to share our Top 10 GovTech Groundbreakers 2022!

We are almost closing the year, and the best way to do it is by recognizing 10 people who have impacted and encouraged the GovTech community to be disruptive, innovative, and resilient this 2022.

#Disruptive, because they’re seeking to generate ruptures in the traditional processes, systems, and practices of the public sector to create modern 21st-century government structures.

#Innovative, because they’re pursuing the discovery of new practices in government, taking advantage of new technologies to generate paths towards public innovation. They do not destroy or delete but convert and transform, they rescue what has been built to make room for the new.

#Resilient, because they’ve shown their ability not only to dare to overcome the great challenges that the public sector faces but also to adapt, accommodate to new government scenarios.

Discover our Top 10 GovTech Groundbreakers of the year! 

  • Natalie Madeira Cofield, Co-Chair Small Business Administration (USA).

  • Mohammad J. Sear, Digital Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader, Middle East and Africa (MENA) at EY (United Arab Emirates).

  • Sandra Sinde Cantorna, GovTech and Open Innovation International Expert (Spain).

  • Alejandro Pareja, Senior Specialist in Modernization of the State at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) (Paraguay).

  • Johnny Hugill, Transformation Lead at PUBLIC (UK).

  • Oscar Hernandez, Open Contracting Partnership's Head of Operations in Latin America (Colombia).

  • Agustín Suárez, City of Buenos Aires Smart City Sub-secretary (Argentina).

  • Cecilia Celeste Danesi, Lawyer, specialist in Artificial Intelligence, Law, and Gender (Argentina).

  • Ana María Quiróz, Director of Escalation and Public Impact, Leader of #MiLAB, the first GovTech laboratory in Colombia and Latam, operated by Innpulsa Colombia (Colombia).

  • Helena Fonseca, Head of Public Procurement Program at OEA, Technical Secretary of the RICG (USA).

We will be telling you more about them in the coming days. Stay tuned!


Ana Rodríguez Belda

Sandra Sinde cumple todos los requisitos indicados. Es una gran disruptiva, innovadora y resiliente. Es una maravilla aprender de ella en todo lo que hace. Bien merecida su candidatura!

Matthew Trimming

Many congratulations to my excellent colleague Johnny Hugill of PUBLIC, Europe’s leading GovTech advisory business. Good to see he is in such good company. Please reach out to him to learn more about how he and PUBLIC are helping to transform public services and procurement.