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The importance of educating on GovTech at events

Gisela Montes | GLASS | 12.10.2022

The SF Tech Week 2022, organized by a series of VCs, entrepreneurs, and community leaders in the Bay Area, such as Mohamed El Mahallawy (Co-Founder & CTO at Shepherd), Sarah Clark (Revenue Operations Lead at Standard Metrics), and Jesse Colligan (Software Engineer at Tesla), took place the first week of November in San Francisco, California.

It was one of the most important events in San Francisco, where thousands of innovators, technologists and startups were able to participate in different panels, activities, workshops, and sessions.

The attendees had the opportunity to learn about what is happening in the tech and crypto world, get to know the experience of emerging startups, and connect with founders, investors, activists, recruiters and other entrepreneurs.

SF Tech Week 2022 had over 2K+ attendees and 80+ events. Founders of startups and companies shared their experience, activists proposed environmental solutions by applying disruptive technologies, recruiters connected with talent in the tech world, female entrepreneurs shared their insights from working in the tech ecosystem, developers and data specialists connected with creators.

This made us wonder — Is it possible to have a #tech week without #GovTech?

On November 4th, Glass, the Silicon Valley e-commerce startup revolutionizing how governments buy, hosted the first #GovTech event of SF Tech Week 2022: Government Tech For The People. In spaces like the SF Tech Week where technology is the protagonist, why didn't anyone else choose to talk about #government and #technology?

We do not have the answer to that question. We believe that there is still much to be done, although we know that the debate on the impact of technology on governments has been included on governments’ and international organizations’ agendas.

Now more than ever, it is important that technology and innovation events have sessions, panels, and spaces exclusively dedicated and designed to address the topic of GovTech It is essential to create and promote spaces where people with different backgrounds from the public and private sectors, can explore ways of working together, talk about strategic alliances, share common learnings and challenges, discover ways to insert these issues into governments’ agendas, and coming together to collaborate on projects and initiatives from both sectors, to preserve and increase the interest of public institutions and citizens in the #GovTech ecosystem.