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GovTech Groundbreakers 2023: Applications are closed!

Gisela Montes | GLASS | 08.10.2023

Last year, we introduced the first edition of 'GovTech Groundbreakers' spotlighting and celebrating 10 inspiring leaders that were transforming the GovTech community. To continue honoring the trailblazers in the GovTech community, we introduce the 'GovTech Groundbreakers' 2023 edition. Read this blog post and find out more about this year's edition.

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📌 Purpose

We introduced this initiative because we have unwavering faith in the potential of the GovTech ecosystem and the individuals driving the modernization of the public sector. Our strong belief in public innovation and the digital transformation of governments propelled us to take action. With this in mind, we initiated a project to play our role in the ecosystem by spotlighting innovative leaders and integrating them into the vibrant GovTech community.

📌 About the GovTech Groundbreakers 2022

In the previous edition, we handpicked 10 GovTech Groundbreakers: Natalie Madeira Cofield (Small Business Administration, USA), Sandra Sinde Cantorna (IDOM, Spain), Johnny Hugill (PUBLIC, UK), Agustín Suárez (GCABA, Argentina), Ana María Quiróz (Innpulsa Colombia, Colombia), Mohammad Sear (Ernst & Young, Arab Emirates), Alejandro Pareja (Inter-American Development Bank, Paraguay), Oscar Hernández (Open Contracting Partnership, Colombia), Cecilia Celeste Danesi (IA LAB, Argentina), and Helena Fonseca (Organization of American States, USA). Now, we will be selecting 5 GovTech Groundbreakers for 2023 and also awarding 5 special mentions. 

📌 2023 Theme

Innovation: Individuals actively exploring novel approaches within government, and harnessing emerging technologies to forge avenues toward public innovation.

Sustainability: Individuals committed to forging a sustainable future, gradually ushering in sustainable practices and revolutionizing governance through a blend of technology and sustainable management.

Collaboration: Individuals tackling the evolution of governance through inclusive private-public initiatives, championing civic engagement, and igniting public innovation.

📌 How can you apply? 

Applications are now closed. 

📌 Timeline

Submissions were accepted from August 14th, 2023, at 10 am PST, until September 14th, also at 10 am PST. The results will be announced on October 2nd, at 10 am PST.

📌 Meet Our Partners

Moove Agency (Brazil): For 20 years, it has forged connections that transcend boundaries. As a GovTech agency, it merges technology, innovation, and creativity to link public sectors with people seamlessly. Its expertise spans digital media, data analysis, platform development, and content, crafting efficient and engaging communication.

PUBLIC (United Kingdom): It advises governments, public institutions, and partners seeking to digitally innovate their services and systems. It convenes a unique ecosystem of technology companies which it works closely with to deliver a broad range of services from digital transformation to learning and challenge programmes.

CG Moving Co. (United States): It serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Valley, the Peninsula, Silicon Valley, and Santa Clara County.  It is the authority in Northern California for government relocation and has extensive experience in government agency installation of modular furniture, office equipment, transport of government property, and inventory of government property. 

BrazilLab (Brazil): It serves as an innovation hub propelling solutions and forging connections between entrepreneurs and the government. Its primary objective revolves around nurturing an innovation-oriented culture within the Brazilian public sector. 

IA LAB (Argentina): The Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, an endeavor by the Faculty of Law at the University of Buenos Aires, drives AI incubation, conducts practical research, and fosters the creation of impactful, scalable solutions through multidisciplinary collaboration.

Stay tuned to find out the GovTech Groundbreakers 2023! 

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